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Our Services

In order to manage vehicles maintenance operation, VMM company designed several services that aim to ensure you fully-operative, safe, efficient and Eco-friendly vehicles.

These services include:


  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Vehicles Modification Service.


In addition to other special features including:

  • Creating "vehice maintenance data history"
  • Car-delivery (Door to door service)
  • Emergency transporation (Recovery) in case of sudden malfunctions or accidents.


Benefit from these services the owners of different private vehicles (Urban, sport or off-road) in addition to the governmental and non-governmental corporations and companies that own fleets (cars, busses & cargo vehicles).


VMM provides you all these services through a team of highly skilled professionals and by utilizing a well-developed and agile management system.

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We offer a comprehensive pay and benefit package including out of country medical insurance that is company paid from day one of employment.

Preventive Maintenance

To conserve vehicles efficiency and maintenance in addition to prevent malfunctions and detect them before major components need repairs

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Corrective Maintenance

In case of sudden malfunctions or accidents, VMM team provides you the service of following up your vehicles fixing for all maintenance categories: Mechanical, Electrical,…

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Vehicles Modification Service

This service enables you to re-model your vehicle to make it more comfortable and customized for your. This service includes creating new car look (paint,…

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There are currently [219]  technicians on the road!

Vehicle Record
VMM provides a history record for all kind of actions done for your vehicle
Scheduled Maintenance
Scheduling annual inspection programs and checkups to maintain your vehicle.
Reaching you wherever you are or prefer.
Video Documentation
VMM team will send the status of your vehicle during the service and then save these media in your personal account
Emergency Response
Responding for vehicles' emergency, in case of any accident.
Time Saving
VMM team will take care of your car